An Innovative Approach - non-12 Step Program


The Addiction Project is a specific methodology, and it looks at addiction from a completely new

perspective. The brain of an addict reacts to core beliefs, triggers, and emotional memories that a

re stored below the conscious awareness. The work that is needed to end the addiction at a

subconscious level is completely overlooked in most rehab systems, and as a result the failure

rate is typically a whopping 90%. Based on what we now know about the brain, the neuroplasticity,

and the biology of belief, we can begin to approach addiction and recovery from a new perspective.

Using these newly discovered and clinically accepted methodologies, the mind and behavior modification techniques will work to retrain and recondition the addict at the core subconscious level.



No matter how hopeless you might feel, there is a way to finally end your struggle with addiction!

First, remember that no matter how many times you tried to quit drugs or alcohol and failed, it does not mean that you can't do it. Thousands of clients who went through this program have come out of the darkness and ended their despair. They experienced an entirely new mindset, reprogrammed their brain, healed their past and become strong, healthy and in control.

When you experience this Hypnotherapy program, from your very first session you will realize that everything is about to change. You will connect with a part of yourself that does WANT to be healthy and you will discover what it feels like to be confident about your future.


Not ready to quit?

Not sure if you have what it takes?

Your very first session is one that will motivate you from the inside, reaching deep into your core to find the joy that you deserve. The very first hypnotherapy session will release your doubt and make the decision happen in your heart, soul, mind and spirit. This session can help anyone who feels they are just not ready, or that they don't have what it takes to stop drugs and drinking. You owe it to yourself to experience this.


Monthly Intensive & Four Day Programs / FREE Introductory Workshops


Private Sessions - 30 Days

. week 1 -  5 sessions

. week 2 -  3 sessions

. week 3  - 3 sessions

. week 4 -  3 sessions

. Ongoing coaching  calls


Private Sessions - 60 days

. same as 30 days program plus 8 sessions in month two

 .Ongoing coaching  calls


Private Sessions - 90 days

. same as 30 days program

. 8 sessions in month two

. 8 sessions in month three

. Ongoing coaching  calls


Private Sessions - 6 months

. 90 days program plus 4 sessions per month for additional 3 months

. Ongoing coaching  calls

. Goal setting, consistency, commitment and support



Four Day Group Intensive:  Small group comes for four days of group sessions.  Local clients , no hotels or travel;  3 hours on Thursday and on Friday , and 4-5 hours Saturday and Sunday)


Four Day Private Intensive: For a local or out of town client; similar to group intensive.


Four Day Group Residential Intensive: Group size of your choice.  Residential -  stay in a hotel or vacation house; fees same as 4 day workshop plus room and board and travel expenses.


Sales Presentations for treatment centers


Schools, Colleges, University Workshops


Are you ready to feel strong, healthy, and in control?

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