In the last few decades, the rates of Anxiety & Depression in U.S. have skyrocketed.  One in 4 people are affected by mental issues every year, and 1 in 10 Americans are on anti-depressants.  New medications are continuously released on the market, but many continue to suffer, with no relief.

Modern Western Medicine looks at Anxiety or Depression as stand-alone diseases, yet many times they are the symptoms of a problem, and not the problem itself. 


Psychotherapy and Stress Reduction techniques have been shown to be highly useful and effective; however, to achieve optimal mental health, it’s important to be looking deeper.

So How Can Functional Medicine / Nutrition Help?

It’s critical to understand the root causes of any illness, including Anxiety & Depression.  Medical community puts emphasis on correcting chemical imbalances, but the big question is “Why” it’s happening in the first place.


There are various factors that play a role in contributing to mental illness. Some of those are


  •  Nutrition & Nutritional Deficiencies

  •  Leaky Gut

  •  Environmental Toxins

  •  Blood Sugar Imbalance

  •  Thyroid Dysfunction

  •  Certain Medications


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Disclaimer:  Our Services are Not a substitute for medical care. We are not medical doctors, and we do not diagnose or treat specific diseases. Rather, we work on removing hidden stressors and tap into the intelligence of the body to restore health and vitality. Client does not need to follow any of the recommendations, and is advised to be under medical supervision at all times.