Depending on your needs, whether you feel tired all the time, can’t get a restful sleep, struggling with weight gain or loss, anxiety & depression, chronic pain, headaches & migraines, brain fog, PMS, allergies, low sex drive, hair loss, skin problems, etc., we help you to detect the causes of your suboptimal health via Functional Labs, and to find the healing opportunities at subclinical levels.

We recommend starting with two Functional Lab Tests to help evaluate the health complaints.  We are looking for the hidden stressors such as hormonal imbalance, immune system dysfunction, digestion and detoxification disruptions, nutrient deficiencies, energy production issues.

When test results become available, we go over them with the client and “connect the dots”.  Then we create a customized Optimal Health Guide to assist each of our clients on their healing journey via Diet, Rest, Exercise, Stress Reduction, and Strategic Supplementation.

Functional Health Coaching is provided to support the client on their way to success.

Different customized programs / packages are available. Recommended minimum commitment for long term results – 3 month plan. For more details, please call 732-333-6680.


Disclaimer:  Our Services are Not a substitute for medical care. We are not medical doctors, and we do not diagnose or treat specific diseases. Rather, we work on removing hidden stressors and tap into the intelligence of the body to restore health and vitality. Client does not need to follow any of the recommendations, and is advised to be under medical supervision at all times